Since 1989 the OBEY street art campaign has become an important urban phenomenon subconsciously touching those well aware of their environment. Through the vision of Shepard Fairey OBEY has evolved into one of the most controversial yet influential symbols of the 21st century.

Derived from Andre the Giant, a pop-culture athlete in the eighties, the OBEY icon has been bombed in developed and rural cities around the world. Its ambiguous idea immediately sparks philosophical discussion and ultimately motivates the inner-person through active participation.

The OBEY campaign is rooted in the Do-It-Yourself counter-culture of punk rock and skateboarding but it has also taken cues from popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging. Fairey steeps his ideology and iconography in self-empowerment. With biting sarcasm verging on reverse psychology he goads viewers using the imperative ‘OBEY’ to take heed of the propagandists out to bend the world to their agendas.